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Additional services


Our competences:

  • Technical support at every stage of project implementation.
  • Construction of injection molds.
  • Trials and validation of injection molds.
  • Pad printing.
  • Silkscreen.
  • Packing.
  • Assembly of the finished product.
  • Service scanning using the ATOS ScanBox 4105 scanner.
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Measuring devices

In connection with the next stage of the implementation of the company’s development strategy

KAPlast Sp. z o. o. we purchased the ATOS ScanBox 4105 measuring device.

Currently, apart from our core business, which is the processing of thermoplastic polymers, we also provide measurement services using the ATOS ScanBox 4105 with ATOS Capsule.

The ATOS Capsule scanner provides accurate measurement results with detailed resolution and fast data acquisition.

ATOS obtains 3D measurement data that can be used to analyze industrial components such as sheet metal, tools and cores, blades, plastics, castings, prototypes and many more.

From 2021 KAPlast Sp. z o. o. also provides a pad printing service on a pad printing machine KP 08 RR 2C 130 NT. First of all, the possibility of any configuration, from 1 to 5 colors, very rich standard and additional equipment as well as the large dimensions of the machine allow printing on large items. This device is most often used for printing on medium and large details, on which there is a need to make excellent quality prints.

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Stages of production and order fulfillment

Step 1

Receiving an order from a client

Step 2

Entering the order into the SAP system

Step 3

Determining the start date of the production of a given order

Step 4

Commencement of production

Step 5

Preparation of goods for shipment

Step 6

Receipt of goods from the warehouse

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